CORONAVIRUS. Only use your fan within your own bubble


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Air conditioning and fans may be used during these corona times and with this heat, but there are a number of conditions to do so safely. This is how you best use a fan in your own bubble. Virologist Steven Van Gucht put the finishing touches on Wednesday during the press conference about the corona virus.

“We learned that there is a lot of uncertainty about the safe use of air conditioning and fans. And this in particular in residential care centers (wzc) ”, said Van Gucht.

Fresh air

Air conditioning may be used to cool rooms down and this is especially important in those places where people who are very sensitive to heat, such as people in wzc, stay. “Make sure that the air conditioning is well maintained and that it is set in such a way that some fresh air is blown into the room. There is then little additional risk of the spread of COVID-19. ”


Fans can also be used, but best within your own household and within your own bubble. Or in an institution with people who only stay in their own room. “Residents in wzc are welcome to gather in the coolest rooms, especially if no COVID-19 was detected in the wzc in recent weeks.”

Finally: set the air conditioning and fans in such a way that no strong air flows arise between different people. After all, too strong a flow of air can cause droplets to spread earlier. “For example, a fan can be turned on a slightly lower setting, or pointed at a wall or corner instead of directly at the person in question.”


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