Coronavirus hit mountain biker Anne Terpstra, but the victories have already been won


The season is now just beginning a bit. How are you doing?

“Nobody really knows. At the moment that is not really important, I think. Still I think I am in good shape. I have already driven two races in the Czech Republic. I won both immediately, but not everyone was there. “

You have had corona yourself. What was that period like?

“I have not really been very ill. One day I noticed that I was clearly not fit. I mainly felt the flu. A few days later I just cycled again. Then a week later I was sick again and that ailments then. I was done with that at a certain point. Then I did a test and it turned out to be negative. The doctor didn’t know what it was and then I did an antibody test. I did not have many antibodies but it wasn’t zero either. That means I had the virus in me. “

Now completely fit again?

“Yes, but it took a while. I think about eight weeks. I was very tired that period. At one point I inserted an endurance week and I had never done that before. I worked many hours that week, but with a low intensity On Tuesday, the second day of the week, I really thought: help, this is not going well Suddenly on Wednesday it got well again and I suddenly seemed to be able to cycle freely again. pay close attention. As a top athlete, pay close attention. Not being able to train for eight weeks. “

The Olympics would normally end now. How sour is it that you’re not in Tokyo right now?

“I didn’t even lie awake to be honest. Sure I was disappointed, but it was clear that it was not going to fit. It was just an inevitable decision and I was also relieved that that choice was made. know that it will take place next year, because if it does not take place then I will have a broken heart. “

What can we expect from you there?

“I’m going for a medal. It’s not that my life is ruined if that doesn’t work, because more often than not it doesn’t work out. I just have to make sure I’m in good shape. What happened in the race? I’m not in the hand It’s just a matter of cycling as fast as possible I’ve been to a test event in Tokyo last year and it’s a very nice lap The climbs in it are very steep up and down The test event I also enjoyed it. I finished third there and that gives me a bit of self-confidence. “

Last year you already won a World Cup race in Vallnord. Can you get even stronger?

“I think there is even more in it, yes. I used to think I would have a ceiling but now I believe that as long as you train, you will always keep improving yourself. In principle, I could cycle as long as I want, as long as I do my workouts. adjust to that. Yet I will not continue until I am 40 years old. “


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