Coronavirus halves dream trip: ‘You have to put this in perspective …


Lea van der Zee and her partner have always wanted to make a nice, long trip abroad as a family. At the beginning of April, they returned home from Australia three months earlier due to the advance of the corona virus. “You have to put this in perspective. Much more fierce things have happened: people have become seriously ill or have died from this virus. ” She is resuming her counseling work for Hart voor Langedijk / D66.

They were walking around with their children on their backs in the Australian Outback with the Aboriginals when the virus started there too. “We have 4 and 1 year old daughters. The eldest will soon be of school age, so you will no longer be able to make such a trip. ” When the seriousness of the situation became clear, they decided to return within a few hours. “It was no longer wise to stay away longer, you just want to go to your family. We did not use a repatriation flight, we returned independently. ”


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