Coronavirus flares up in Bergen op Zoom, more than 200 people are tested at a mosque in one day


The number of corona infections in Bergen op Zoom has increased enormously in recent days. Fifteen infections were added since Wednesday. One possible source is the El-Feth Mosque on Wattweg. At the house of prayer there is a mobile test street especially for mosque visitors on Thursday and Friday. Over two hundred people were already tested on the first day.

The mobile test street was requested last week because the infections in the Scheldt city had already increased in the past week. They included visitors to the mosque. “We want to know whether people have contracted the virus and then prevent it from spreading further through source and contact research,” the spokesman for the GGD explains the establishment of the test street.

The increase in the number of infections on Wednesday was much more than in the five largest cities in our province. Only in Den Bosch was there an increase on Wednesday, with five positive cases.

GGD happy with the influx
Mosque-goers and other people who wanted to be tested in Bergen op Zoom, Thursday or Friday, do not have to register for this. The spokesperson of the GGD is happy with the influx. “And I’ll be even happier when all the tests are negative,” he adds. The test street at the mosque is still open Friday from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.

The test street was created in consultation with the municipality and the management of the El-Feth Mosque. It is not known where the inhabitants of Bergen op Zoom got infected. This could have happened in the mosque or, for example, in people’s homes. As a precaution, the mosque has been closed for two weeks since the end of last week. People from Bergen op Zoom who could not have themselves tested on Thursday or Friday can, like everyone else, request a test via the national number of the GGD.


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