Coronavirus causes unpleasant feelings among senior citizens – Dagblad Suriname


Not only in Suriname, but also in the Caribbean, the Corona virus measures, which applied to places of worship, were relaxed. Slowly but steadily, the faith community returned to the worship services. Suriname has now put a stop to this. The relaxed measures against the Corona virus have been reversed and sharpened, as the virus is shockingly spreading.

Seniors citizens short of breath and anxious

The Roman Catholic believer Riet Djasmadi has made himself heard through the Roman Catholic Diocese. “We are living in a time of a pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. An invisible enemy for humans that is gripping the world and now also Suriname. For many seniors, being at home is not strange, but being forced to stay at home with a danger to the virus that is lurking quickly gives you a stuffy and anxious feeling. ”

Finding peace is not easy

“A senior citizen has built up a life history with beautiful memories, but often also with heavy setbacks and periods of grief. Normally, life history goes through the thoughts of the senior. Especially nowadays, bad feelings can easily linger, because we hear the nasty consequences about the virus in the media and our environment every day. It is not easy to find peace. ”

Make the heart happy

Djasmadi uses the Bible: “A cheerful heart promotes good health, a gloomy spirit weakens the body. Making your heart happy can help by listening to the celebrations via Radio Emmanuel daily via social media, if available. ”

The beautiful feeling

“By watching broadcasts and listening, one hears about the Word of God, our daily bread. Although this way of listening and looking does not give the nice feeling, such as a visit to the church, one can still feel connected to the parish and take the considerations to heart. ”

Need for contact

“Now that activities for the seniors of Parish North are stopped and visits by family and acquaintances are not possible, there is a need for contact with other people. Due to their physical condition, some seniors cannot take to the streets for their shopping. Let’s look around us as a senior who lives alone and definitely needs some attention. ”

Parishioners who support each other

“Pick up the phone and call him / her to see how he / she is doing. Have a chat and do some shopping. The senior will thank you. During this pandemic, we are all parishioners, who support each other to cheer up our hearts. ”



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