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Young people who have become infected with the coronavirus have the least chance of being hospitalized, but they are not always unscathed! Pulmonologists, general practitioners and physiotherapists sound the alarm: covid-19 can cause all kinds of complaints for months after the infection.
Complaints about fatigue, persistent headaches, not being able to really taste food, shortness of breath and palpitations all occur in the patients of the different practitioners. In some cases it even turned out that there had been organ damage (especially the lungs), although the damage appears to have occurred the long term still not too bad.

Every now and then there are readers who accuse me of ‘creating panic’ when I write about the coronavirus. However, that is not my intention at all. The topic just really fascinates me. And I try to take in as much (reliable) information as possible, so that I can estimate the risks and share this with others.

That was also the reason why I wrote these two articles (1, 2) wrote about my own experiences with the virus, which I am 100 percent sure I have had. Purely because of the huge ‘punch’ on the lungs that I got after the flu, which gave me seizures for two days, which made me gasp for breath. That was simply not a flu, nor a ‘severe’ one.

As a result, I mainly focus on the dangers of the virus (and perhaps sometimes too much) and I criticize (taken and proposed) government measures, if they are not good in my opinion. As a result, I sometimes seem to want to print in a corner or to put a label on: ‘left’, ‘fear monger’ or ‘troublemaker’… And ‘conspiracy crazy’ must have also passed by.

And that while in my opinion I only try to point out the errors and dangers of the virus or the virus policy. There is every reason to do so. The virus is simply more dangerous than a seasonal flu. As far as I am concerned, the cabinet and RIVM have made an accumulation of (sometimes deliberate) mistakes, which has caused many more deaths than was actually ‘necessary’.

But that does not mean that just every measure should be scrapped. And that does not mean that I am necessarily in one or more ideological ‘camps’. I will try to moderate my sometimes somewhat alarmist tone, because I also recognize that I can sometimes shoot through that.

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