Coronaproof on vacation: caravan and motorhome in demand | Inland


In the youngest age group from 18 to 25, caravan ownership grew by 7.2 percent, while the number of caravan owners aged 65 and older decreased by 1.9 percent. A total of 422,127 caravans were registered in the Netherlands on 1 July this year. During the second quarter of 2020, motorhome ownership among the youngest group aged 18 to 25 increased by 26.8 percent. The increase for the over-65s was only 1.5 percent. The total number of campers in the Netherlands rose by 3.2 percent in those three months to a record number of over 135,000, where less than 100,000 were counted five years ago.

According to Siewert Gorter, chairman of BOVAG Caravan and Motorhome Companies, these figures show that camping is the perfect holiday alternative: “The campsite is of course the ultimate holiday destination for young people and families with small children. Now that long trips and all-inclusive holidays are not an option for many, everyone is looking at what is possible. Camping suddenly turns out to be not only a great alternative, but also a corona proof. Moreover, young people with and without children soon think back with a warm feeling about the beautiful time in the camping with their own parents. ”

Gorter says that the 300 caravan and motorhome companies affiliated with BOVAG have had a difficult spring. “In that spring, everything should have been running at full speed, after all, we are seasonal. The growing interest in camping is making up for our year to some extent. ”


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