CoronaMelder app to be tested throughout the province of Overijssel from 17 August | NOW


The CoronaMelder app can be tested in the entire province of Overijssel from 17 August, a spokesperson on behalf of the two GGDs from the province reports to on Friday. In Drenthe, residents, holidaymakers and people who work in the province can also contact the GGD for a corona test if they receive a warning via the app.

The corona app will be available on Monday in the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). Smartphones with the app exchange signals with which the proximity between devices is measured. This gives an indication of whether two people have been together long enough that the corona virus may have been transmitted.

Someone who turns out to be infected with the COVID-19 virus can use the GGD to warn other app users who have been in the area. This happens without the infected person or the GGD employee being able to see exactly who is receiving a message on his or her smartphone.

People from Overijssel and Drenthe who receive a warning can then turn to the GGD to have themselves tested, even without complaints. In the rest of the Netherlands, the app can be downloaded, but the GGD is not yet cooperating. The CoronaMelder app is expected to be introduced nationwide on September 1.

Initially, the app was to be tested in the GGD regions of Twente and Rotterdam-Rijnmond. Because the number of infections in Rotterdam has increased in recent weeks, the GGD region has been replaced by Drenthe. Now that the GGD IJsselland is also taking part in the trial, the app can be tested throughout the province of Overijssel from Monday.


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