Corona tests at Eindhoven Airport: four hours later you have the results


Tuesday is not really stormy at the new test point for corona opposite Eindhoven Airport. But the companies Ecolog and Pro Health are therefore only one day away. Everyone can get tested for 105 euros. The result will be there within four hours.

You can only go to the GGD if you have complaints and the result will take longer to arrive. The company Ecolog and the laboratory Pro Health see a gap in the market for people who have no complaints, but still want or need a test. Not only travelers from the airport are welcome, people from the region can also be tested.

“Of course we want to make money, we are a commercial company”, says Eelco van der Leij, manager at Ecolog. “But we can also relieve the GGD. If we pick out someone who is infected, it is just another one.”

100 tests per day
People who want to be tested can book a time slot via the website. A laboratory employee then takes the test. The test point can currently test 100 people per day.

“But that capacity can be expanded to 200 to 300 people a day,” says Van der Leij. “We have plenty of room here.” The company would like to set up test points on more points, such as at Rotterdam Airport or Schiphol.

‘As reliable as GGD’
Rapid tests are sometimes labeled as unreliable. But according to Van der Leij, the Ecolog and Pro Health tests are just as reliable as with the GGD. “We do the so-called pcr test. That is the same test as the GGD does. The result for us is fast because we have very short lines with our laboratory.”

The price of 105 euros is also reasonable, the companies say. “We are actually at the same level as the healthcare price. We think people are talking about it, because the first bookings have been made and have already been made.”

“Targeting large employers”
The companies are not only aiming for the Eindhoven holidaymaker, they would like to lure large employers to take tests for their employees, such as ASML.

“There are many knowledge workers here,” says Van der Leij. “Many people are on the road internationally. You shouldn’t think of someone with corona coming back to the workplace.”

‘Sufficient experience’
Ecolog is an internationally operating company that specializes in industrial services. For example, the company works for the oil and gas industry or large relief organizations. It is the first time that the company works with private customers.

Still, there is enough experience, according to Van der Leij. “We have short lines of communication with our Pro Health laboratory. We are already testing extensively in Luxembourg. We test the entire population there at the request of the government. We also test at the airports in Bavaria in Germany. So our experience is growing.”


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