Corona: Stores oppose decision to close this weekend


Some stores and shopping centers around the country carried out the threats today (Saturday), and opened their gates to customers, despite regulations prohibiting this. Among the open areas, you can find the Bilu Center, which was visited by Rehovot police officers. They moved from camps to the store and ordered the managers and the person in charge of the shift to close the stores. Arrived at the scene after citizens called Hotline 100 to report that some of the stores had opened.

“You can’t drive us crazy all the time. We have to make a living,” the store owner in the complex explained his decision to open and risk a fine of thousands of shekels. “We keep the guidelines of distance and wearing masks. At the beach less crowded? If the store is closed on Saturday there is no presence to continue to employ workers. On Saturday the strongest work.”

However, traffic in the compound was more sparse relative to routine Saturdays, and parking spaces could be found. The catering business also had fewer customers compared to routine Saturdays.

“They said there was no permit to open the business, but we said we would try. After we heard that business owners announced that they would open,” said a couple who came from Rishon Lezion – adding: “At least there are no queues and you can walk around the shops that have opened.”

After the stores opened, police officers from the Rehovot station arrived at the Bilu Center complex and demanded that the businesses be closed. The police clarified that in the initial stage, the police only warned the business owners and asked for the instructions prohibiting the opening of the stores.

“We are doing our job and these are the guidelines from above,” a police officer explained to a saleswoman at the store who begged to be allowed to continue working.

There were business owners and chains that announced that despite police warnings – they intend to continue opening the stores. In contrast, there were open shopping centers where non-food businesses were closed.

At the “Buying Buyers” center in Rishon Lezion, only the food business was open. “I came to buy clothes, but the store was closed. I heard that there would be stores that would open and I did not want to drive to the streets,” said a resident of the city in disappointment.

As mentioned, yesterday the Ministry of Health announced that at the beginning of next week, the professionals in the ministry, headed by the ministry’s director general, Prof. Hezi Levy, together with the project professor Prof. Roni Gamzo, will formulate a uniform procedure for restricting gatherings, including businesses, culture and synagogues. A “round table” headed by Prof. Gamzo that includes the relevant factors from the various government ministries. The Round Table will continue to convene three times a week to regulate the issue of restrictions effectively and coherently. On Monday the Minister of Health will bring to the Corona Cabinet a proposal on necessary steps on the subject.

This week, Gamzo presented to the citizens of Israel his plan for the war in Corona, and said: “It can only be done together, it is impossible otherwise. It is a process that all Israeli citizens must do, reduce adherence. , To the boom. Many citizens in distress of job loss, businesses fall, but we can win. It requires all of us in one effort, a new contract. On the part of the government – transparency, professionalism, business, sharing. There is a decrease in public trust. “Cohesion, mobilization to reduce the contagion, obedience to instructions. No more instructions are given that do not make sense. I will not let there be restrictions that will harm the economy and they do not make sense.”


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