Corona: Statement by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and Professor Gamzo


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Corona Professor Prof. Roni Gamzo held a press conference today (Sunday) against the background of the declining trend in Corona morbidity.

“We have finished a working meeting, we are preparing to present Professor Gamzo’s recommendations tomorrow, to act on several axes, interrupting the chain of contagion models and statistics, there is a right direction here,” the prime minister said. “Today was an important day. We started with a government decision to open the education system, a move with a huge budget investment. It is important to start the school year. It is important for the economy. Today the grants were also received, 99.57 percent of the children received the grant.”

“I asked the ministries to bring me long-term plans for discussion, both short-term and long-term. We are planning more plans to move the economy. We are examining vaccine options that will be accessible to us. I can not say a vaccine will be found, but the signs are encouraging,” the prime minister concluded. – How to incentivize growth and employment in Corona. There are areas that can develop uniquely, and we have considerable innovation and digital capability. We will take care of supporting businesses that will be harmed. In an international comparison, my impression is that we are not in the worst place, to say the least. ”

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the minister of Health July Edelstein He said: “In recent days it has been clear that we have managed to stop the rise of the virus. We have proven, the people sitting at this table, that with good teamwork and the help of others an achievement can be achieved on the ground. It’s good but it’s not enough. The numbers are high and alarming, both new infections and critically ill, we need to continue to make a joint effort. It depends on the cooperation of all of us. If we make an effort together, we will reduce the numbers and interrupt the spread of the disease by cutting off the chains of infection. ”

Corona Projector Professor Roni Gamzo “We are close to a situation where morbidity is declining, we are in an almost stable line. The decline is critical in all sectors,” he said, adding: “I want to look at the ultra-Orthodox and the Arabs. “Everyone. The heads of the authorities and the leaders of the sector and the religious and political leaders – it depends on all of you. Any rule, do not underestimate. We want to reach the terrible days with the green state of Israel.”

“I want to deliver to the whole country – to continue to adhere to masks,” Gamzo added. “It proves itself, and so does social distance, investigations and isolation. I know it’s annoying. In a final word on the restrictions – we will be careful, we will not be in a hurry to remove restrictions, but we will align ourselves with things that seem unlikely. We want clear enforcement and rules. It will be easy to lower the restrictions when the morbidity graph falls. “

Prof. Roni Gamzo (Photo: Screenshot)

The Ministry of Health announced this morning that the number of corona victims in Israel has risen to 531, with four people dying today starting at midnight. The number of people infected since the outbreak of the epidemic has risen to 72,315, and the number of active patients stands at 26,153, after 625 Israelis were infected in the last day.

The number of critically ill patients now stands at 340, including 96 respirators, which is a slight downward trend. The Ministry of Health further updated that so far today 1,030 tests have been performed. The number of people recovering from the virus rose to 45,631 people.


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