Corona restrictions: The government approved the lifting of the closure on weekends


The government today (Thursday) approved in a telephone poll the decision of the Corona Cabinet that the restrictions imposed on opening businesses and staying in public playgrounds on weekends will be lifted.

The government decision reads: “As part of a re-examination of all existing restrictions, it was found that there is no justification for continuing restrictions on the activities of shops and businesses on weekends. Given the price of this restriction on economic and economic activity “Abolish the penalty clause that applies to opening and staying in these places on weekends.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Corona Professor Prof. Roni Gamzo (Photo: Tal Shahar)

As you may recall, the Corona Cabinet convened last night to discuss the closure options on the table against the background of the high morbidity in Corona and to hear the recommendations formulated by Corona Professor Professor Roni Gamzo. At the end of four and a half hours of discussion, it was decided that the restrictions on weekends would be lifted in accordance with Gamzo’s position, and that an outline would be formulated for opening the sky in the middle of the month, entrusted to Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein

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At the beginning of the discussion, Corona Professor Professor Roni Gamzo presented to the Cabinet his proposal to reduce morbidity by September 1, when in his view he does not support a general closure, but only interventions in red cities. The intervention will be carried out anywhere depending on the rate of infection, and will include tests, restrictions and the involvement of the Home Front Command. Another suggestion that has come up is night-time closures.

Gamzo said that “no country in the world with a high level of morbidity like Israel treats morbidity without closure. The Israeli government is sensitive to the delicate socio-economic situation and difficulties of the public, and therefore trusted me in a way that does not include full closure. This is probably a last chance. Will not go down in two weeks – had to consider restrictions including the possibility of local or national closure. ”

Government decision to remove restrictions on weekends by maariv on Scribd


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