Corona outbreak in kindergarten: exchange of accusations between parents and kindergarten teacher


A corona outbreak was discovered in a kindergarten in Ramat Gan last week, with at least 15 children and two other kindergarten teachers infected with the virus. Since the series of infections became known, there have been exchanges of accusations between the parents and one of the kindergarten teachers – around the issue of the source of the infection. While the parents are angry and claim that the kindergarten teacher was absent when she was not feeling well, she did not do a corona examination and returned to work – on behalf of the kindergarten teacher it was reported that some of the children came to the kindergarten sick. Ramat Gan Municipality: “The kindergarten teacher was returned to work only after she presented a medical certificate from the family doctor, which the local authority has no right to appeal.”

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These are two adjacent gardens, one compulsory and the other pre-compulsory. The parents were furious, assuming that the kindergarten teacher herself was the one who caused the widespread infection. This is after the teacher was absent from kindergarten on Tuesdays and Wednesdays two weeks ago due to illness, without having done a corona test – and returned to the normal school routine the following Sunday.

The Ramat Gan municipality responded to the parents’ claims, saying that the kindergarten teacher went to be examined by a doctor on Thursday, and when he heard about her solutions, he denied the presence of Corona, and gave her a prescription for antibiotics. However in conversation with N12, The teacher said she did not go to see a doctor at all, but her husband only went to get her antibiotics.

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The kindergarten teacher herself did not remain obligated, according to the parents, and on her behalf it was reported that she felt well – and therefore returned to teaching in the kindergarten a few days after the absence. It was also claimed on her behalf that in the past week many children came to the kindergarten when they were not feeling well, and were returned home by their parents in the middle of the day, so that she claimed that the kindergarten teacher could not be blamed for the infection.

Ramat Gan Municipality response: “The kindergarten teacher was returned to work only after presenting a medical certificate from the family doctor that the local authority has no right to appeal. By order of the mayor, an immediate investigation was carried out by the municipal corona commissioner and his findings were forwarded for further treatment and examination by the Tel Aviv District Ministry of Health. “Unfortunately, the control of the allocation of tests is solely in the hands of the health funds and under the authority of a doctor.


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