Corona nurse Marga Bult: ‘No reason to panic’


To give people some rest, Marga dived into the corona figures of the RIVM. She shares those figures on her Twitter. So until August 1, 439 people were tested ‘positive’. Hospital admissions today 5 people. At the IC 2 persons and 1 deceased person. Certainly no panic figures so far, despite various demonstrations, meetings, etc. Hopefully we will keep it that way in the coming weeks, ”she writes.

Marga believes that we should live a little bit normal again. “Don’t panic,” she calls. “It doesn’t bring us anything, except restlessness.” Marga then points out to her followers that many more tests were conducted in June and July, but the percentage of people tested positive is very low.

Marga can also be seen in a documentary about corona care. In it, the singer tells what it was like for her to work as a nurse during the corona crisis. You can see more about it in the video below.


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