Corona news: today weekly figures from RIVM, about 2300 new infections expected


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In this live blog we will keep you informed on Tuesday with the most important news about the corona crisis.

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  • At the moment, fifteen people with corona infections have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant, five of whom are on IC.
  • The number of people who had themselves tested for the coronavirus dropped by nine percent last week.
  • RIVM will announce later today how many new cases of the coronavirus have been reported in the past week.
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Those who went on holiday this summer had the corona virus as their travel companion. Travel advice changed from yellow to orange almost daily. Can you still go to work healthy after returning to the Netherlands? Companies can subject their staff to a commercial corona test. But it is not allowed to force people to do so, trade unions warn, De Telegraaf writes.

Due to the corona crisis, companies no longer want to be stuck with one large office building for a long time. That is why they are much more likely to look for smaller properties that they can quickly cancel. BNR reports this after inquiring with various providers of commercial real estate.

Funda in Business has seen a significant increase in the demand for office buildings in recent weeks. In May and June, the demand for office buildings was 40 percent higher, according to the real estate agent, than in the same months last year. In July, the number of applications even doubled. Especially the small office buildings up to 250 square meters are in demand, according to the broker.

Sinterklaas committees already put an end to the festive entry of the Saint. The committees are brooding on corona-proof alternatives, such as an online arrival and unannounced lightning visits from the Good Lord, the AD writes.

It is still high summer, but Marc Gilling of the Sint and Pietengilde already dares the prediction: “The Saint will quietly enter the country in November.” The lover of the Sinterklaas story thinks this is ‘very unfortunate’. But he says there won’t be many entries this year.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will announce later today how many new cases of the coronavirus have been reported in the past week. That will probably be about 2300, an estimate based on daily institute updates and government corona dashboard.

In the previous week, 1329 new infections were reported, in the previous week 987. This equates to 2316 infections in two weeks. Rotterdam is the largest seat of fire. About 400 new cases have been identified in the city last week. Amsterdam recorded about 250 new cases and The Hague about 200.

The number of hospital admissions and the number of deaths do not yet show any major changes. RIVM will also announce whether the reproduction number has increased. That figure indicates how fast the virus is spreading. Last week the number was 1.4, a week earlier 1.29. If the reproduction number is above 1, the virus spreads. If the number is less than 1, the outbreak slowly dies out.

As of 1 September, the vast majority of civil servants return to the office after a period of many working from home. Not all of them come to work at the same time. Due to the corona crisis, municipalities, water boards and provinces have usually made agreements about the maximum number of civil servants that can be in the office together. This was reported by the journal Binnenlands Bestuur on the basis of an online survey.

Most workplaces are now corona proof, but not all civil servants feel safe enough according to the trade magazine. The survey was held from July 14 to 27. Some municipalities expect to be able to indicate on 1 October when work from home will end. Until then, people will work partly at home and partly at the office.

In Rotterdam, a campaign is starting today to draw the students’ attention to the corona measures and the importance of a test for complaints that indicate the disease. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is present at the kick-off. There are more and more infections among students in Rotterdam.

Aboutaleb has also recently sent a letter to all students of the university colleges and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, in which he urges them to take their responsibility. GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond is also concerned.

In the coming weeks, some fifty students will visit the city and university, colleges and catering establishments to point out to students

the rules and importance of testing. “Not dicks, but tests!” is the creed, reports the municipality.

The Consumers’ Association has raised the alarm about potentially thousands of ANVR travel vouchers for canceled package holidays, which are uncovered if the travel organization goes bankrupt during the term of this voucher. That writes De Telegraaf.

The SGR covered voucher should ensure payment for a new trip. This turns out to be a sham, according to the Consumers’ Association.

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