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Also this Monday there is a lot to report about the spread of the corona virus and how to tackle it. In this blog we will keep you informed.

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  • ‘General practitioners, nurses and other care workers must be better protected against a new wave of corona infections.’
  • According to the ANBO seniors’ association, there should be a mandatory mask in nursing homes.
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Last week, nearly 99,000 people were tested for the corona virus nationwide, which is three thousand less than a week earlier. The number of tests performed seemed to drop sharply, but a recovery came in the course of last week. GGD GHOR Netherlands does not know whether the recovery is due to an emergency call from this umbrella organization, due to the corona figures that the RIVM announced a day later or due to the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge on Thursday.

Transhipment in the seaport of Amsterdam and other ports in the North Sea Canal area fell in the first six months of this year by almost eleven percent as a result of the corona crisis. “For the first time in years, there has been a decline in throughput in our port, which is immediately significant,” says Koen Overtoom, CEO of the Port of Amsterdam port company. “Yet we are not pessimistic.”

Since air traffic has restarted, the number of reports of passengers misbehaving on airplanes has increased significantly. These misconducts are often related to the corona measures applicable on board, such as wearing a mouth mask. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) reports this on the basis of an analysis.

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General practitioners, nurses and others who work in healthcare need to be better protected against a new wave of corona infections. Six medical organizations argue for this. For example, they want regional supplies of protective equipment to be established, so that healthcare workers have access to masks, gloves, aprons and screens more quickly in outbreak areas.

A big party on three adjacent inland vessels on the Nieuwe Merwede near Dordrecht ended last weekend due to the ignoring of the corona regulations by the police. On one of the ships a deejay played music in a party tent. More than fifty pleasure craft and about 25 watercraft surrounded the ships and thus a total of 350 people celebrated. “In other times it may be a nice picture, but not now”, the police emphasize.

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All city and regional buses and trams in our country may be equipped with cough screens for drivers before October. If there are, passengers can board the front again so that better control is possible and fare dodging is prevented. Measures are also being taken to provide extra ventilation, and buses will also be cleaned more often. All this to prevent infections in public transport, according to industry association OV-NL. The changes come after a study conducted by TNO.

Leiden biotechnology company Pharming has treated its first patient in an extensive study into a drug that may help against corona. The listed company has been working on a remedy for the virus for some time, working together with the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. The conscious patient is also in Switzerland. How he or she is doing is not clear.

Universities and colleges will physically offer a maximum of thirty percent of their education in the coming year. This is evident from a tour of BNR along various educational institutions. First-years are often given priority. According to Pieter Duisenberg, chairman of the Association of Universities VSNU, this thirty percent is based on a calculation of the one-half meter rule. “Everything is aimed at minimizing the study delay.”

As of this Monday, catering guests must provide their contact details upon arrival at a café or restaurant. Reservations are also required again for a visit to a restaurant or terrace. These measures were announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference last Thursday. They should make it easier to conduct source and contact research after a local corona outbreak. Incidentally, customers are not obliged to provide their contact details. However, the catering entrepreneur can refuse people who do not want to cooperate. In Breda there is aversion to these latest plans.

There is a chance that Bergen op Zoom will become the first city in Brabant to introduce a masking obligation. Mayor Frank Petter made this suggestion in conversation with a reporter from the SBS6 program Hart van Nederland. He complained about the fact that ‘supermarkets are becoming more flexible’. If the number of infections in Bergen op Zoom does not decrease, a mouth cap obligation can be introduced. “Maybe first in closed rooms,” said Petter, who also expressed concern at Omroep Brabant.

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