Corona news: more sun through COVID-19, for the first time in weeks again press conference Rutte and De Jonge


On Thursday, Prime Minister Rutte and Corona Minister De Jonge will give another press conference. (Archive photo: ANP / Bart Maat)

In this live blog we will keep you informed on Thursday with the most important news about the corona crisis.

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  • Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will give a press conference for the first time in 6 weeks tonight. This now that the number of infections is increasing.
  • At the moment, fifteen people with corona infections have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant, five of whom are on IC.
  • In the past 24 hours, 426 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for the coronavirus.
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How does Brabant celebrate holidays during the corona period? Do we stay at home, do we camp in our own country or do we cross the border? Omroep Brabant today asks Joris (5), Wouter (8) and mother Petra Nuijten-Thoen from Wijbosch.

The measured solar radiation was “between mid-March and mid-June about 2.5 percent higher than the average over the same period in the past four years.” “Since the measures against the spread of the coronavirus were announced, more solar radiation has therefore been able to reach the earth’s surface,” KNMI has copied from research with TU Delft.

In the second quarter, due to the corona crisis, ING had to set aside more than EUR 1.3 billion for loans that may never be repaid. Partly because of this, the bank’s net profit has plummeted by more than 79 percent to 299 million euros.

The corona crisis is strongly affecting the financial group. Due to the economic downturn and uncertainty associated with all corona measures, many customers, for example companies in the oil and gas sector, are in danger.

114,000 mortgages were issued in the second quarter of this year. That is the highest number in one quarter since 2008. According to experts, the increase is largely due to people who transferred or raised their mortgage for, for example, a renovation.

“It seems that many people are now taking the time to review their mortgage, possibly in anticipation of an interest rate hike, or expanding for a remodel at this time of corona,” consultancy IG&H explains the figures.

Not only did supermarkets see a sharp increase in their turnover during the corona crisis, the large auction houses Christies, Sothebys and Philips also did good business. Art buyers seem to like to make their mark digitally and that gave the auction houses a record turnover. This is reported by insurer Hiscox after research by the art market analysis agency ArtTactic.

The number of corona infections in Aruba continues to rise. Ten infections were registered on Monday and Tuesday. There were 46 cases added on Wednesday. The government advises everyone to wear a face mask in public space, when a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept.

A list of clubs and shops has been released where possible infections have occurred. People who have visited any of the occasions in the past fourteen days are asked to voluntarily quarantine.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will discuss on Thursday with the most concerned ministers how the renewed advance of the corona virus can be stopped. There are concerns mainly about students and holidaymakers returning from risk areas. After the deliberation, Rutte will give a press conference together with ‘corona minister’ Hugo de Jonge, the first in a month and a half.

According to sources from The Hague, the cabinet is seriously considering ending the introduction weeks for students. According to insiders, a test street may be set up at Schiphol for returning holidaymakers. Travelers can then have themselves tested voluntarily and easily. There is an urgent advice for returnees from risk countries to quarantine for two weeks after their return.

Schools urgently need to improve ventilation before winter and the windows can no longer open. These improvements are even more urgent now that the first secondary schools will fully open again in two weeks and the number of corona infections will rise. Experts in the AD argue this.

Although it is unclear, according to the RIVM, whether aerosols – small droplets that remain in the air – play a role in the spread of the coronavirus, more and more experts think that this is the case. A continuous supply of fresh air ensures that those small droplets disappear and reduces the risk of contamination.

However, research by Eindhoven University of Technology shows that the quality of the indoor air is not good in at least a quarter of the schools. “That is worrying. With corona, good ventilation is of great importance”, responds Wim Zeiler, professor of Installations.

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