Corona news: ‘More side effects with corona vaccines than with flu shot’


In this live blog we will keep you informed on Saturday about all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant.

Three-quarters of the Dutch – 73 percent – understand if a mouth mask obligation would be introduced. Yet only 34 percent think that wearing a mask should be mandatory, 44 percent do not like that. The AD reports this on the basis of a survey conducted by research agency Markteffect.

The Virus Madness action group demonstrates against corona measures on Saturday afternoon at the Malieveld in The Hague. The demonstration starts at two o’clock. The organization has made a number of agreements with the Municipality of The Hague. Based on this, the municipality decided not to impose restrictions on the demonstration. The most important agreement is that Virus Madness is responsible for keeping a meter and a half away.

The coronavirus vaccines, the first of which have been completed in humans and are now entering the final testing phase, all have mild side effects. Trouw writes that. Three-quarters of the subjects had a headache, a sore arm, fatigue or fever. The unfortunates were often restored after a bad day. But there are more compared to other vaccines, such as the annual flu shot.


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