Corona news: hospital nursing staff angry, why management has a bonus and not us?


This Saturday we will also keep you informed of the most important developments surrounding the corona virus.

For a time, patients had to be transferred to hospitals in Germany, including from Brabant. is able to report that our eastern neighbors will bear the costs of corona patients from our country and other EU member states that have been treated there. As far as our country is concerned, this involved 58 corona cases. Almost all Dutch patients (48) were received in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which borders the Netherlands.

Virologist Vincent Munster, who leads a research team in America that is working on the development of the Oxford vaccine purchased by the Netherlands, is optimistic about the development of the corona vaccine. “My main work was to show in the animal models that the vaccine works and that in any case it had no side effects in monkeys. We succeeded,” he says in the Algemeen Dagblad. Munster does not expect the vaccine to offer lifelong protection. against the coronavirus: “You will probably need a new vaccination once in a while, just like with the seasonal flu. “

Corona plaques, a face mask, cologne and rat poison. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Association against Quackery has received more than two hundred reports from alternative practitioners who claim to fight the corona virus with scientific-sounding products. In a number of cases, according to De Telegraaf, the Health Care Inspectorate or the Advertising Code Committee was called in.

Nurses at Zaans Medical Center are furious about a corona bonus that has been secretly paid to executives. The employees who have been at the beds in recent months at risk to their lives, do not get a single cent of the extra. This reports De Telegraaf. The works council found out by coincidence the benefit, which was given because of overtime. The hospital management regrets the situation and says she understands that it “feels differently.”


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