Corona news: 366 new infections, 61 of which in Brabant


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In this live blog we will keep you informed of all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant on Sunday.

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  • The increase in the number of corona infections worldwide is never ending: over eighteen million infections have now been registered.
  • On Sunday, people will take to the streets again to demonstrate against the corona measures.
  • According to the corona dashboard, 366 new corona infections have been added since Saturday, 61 of which in Brabant.
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Employees of slaughterhouse Van Rooi Meat from Helmond say that they have been working with corona complaints in the past two months. They dare not report that they have complaints or are ill, for fear of losing their job. The NOS writes this on Sunday after speaking to eight employees.

A number of employees stated that they were instructed to lie. They say a company executive instructed them to ask whether they are ticking “no” on health statements. Some of them voluntarily filled in the health declaration, for fear that they would never have to return if they had complaints.

The number of corona patients in intensive care has fallen from 22 to 21 in the past 24 hours, in the nursing wards there are 70 infected people, three more than the day before. This is reported by the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

In Enschede there has been a stir about the number of people at a Saturday car meeting at the ice rink. Dagblad Tubantia writes that at the peak there were five hundred cars and thus soon a thousand people at the meeting where they showed up with upgraded and converted (racing) cars.

The mayor of Enschede Onno van Veldhuizen is, according to RTV Oost, unpleasantly surprised by the illegal event. “We do not want this, and certainly not in times of Corona where I recently announced stricter supervision,” the mayor said in an email to the city council from which the broadcaster quotes.

Mayor of Enschede Onno van Veldhuizen is ‘unpleasantly surprised’ by a carmeeting that was held on Saturday evening in the parking lot in front of the ice rink in Enschede. According to RTV Oost, he writes this to the city council. The mayor announces an investigation in an email to the council.

According to the mayor, it was an illegal event. According to Van Veldhuizen, none of the stricter supervision has ended up here. “I have already had contact with the police with the request for an in-depth explanation in addition to the information that we, as the municipality, bring up ourselves.”

Since yesterday, 366 people have been tested positive for corona in the Netherlands.
This is evidenced by the daily update via the so-called corona dashboard based on the figures from RIVM. According to the dashboard, six people with corona have been admitted to hospital since yesterday. And also one corona patient has died in the past 24 hours. On Saturday, according to the dashboard, 431 new infections were added in the Netherlands.

In our province, 61 people have been tested positive for corona in the past 24 hours. South Holland takes the cake with 185 new infections. The corona dashboard does not report new hospital admissions for Brabant. However, one corona patient died.

Several dozen people gathered on Museumplein in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon to demonstrate against the rules of corona. Demonstrators also gathered in Groningen and Enschede. In Groningen it concerned about two hundred people, in Enschede according to RTV Oost about forty.

A birthday party in Hoogerheide with about 125 visitors was shut down by the police on Saturday evening. According to a police spokesman, too many people were present to ensure the distance of one and a half meters. The music was also too loud.

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The travel advice for Sint Maarten was adjusted on Sunday. It has gone from yellow to orange, with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary trips. The reason for the adjustment is the sharp increase in the number of corona infections.

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A major brawl broke out on board a KLM plane last week. A drunk passenger would have refused to wear a face mask, where this is mandatory on KLM flights. Images of the brawl that ensued have been put online. It shows how striking blows are distributed in the cabin of the aircraft. Two men have been arrested. According to a KLM spokesperson, safety has not been endangered.

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The increase in the number of corona infections worldwide is never ending. In a few days another million were added. More than eighteen million infections have been registered since the corona outbreak. Of those infected, approximately 689,000 died. More than 11.3 million have been restored.

Again people take to the streets to demonstrate against the corona measures. For example, there is a protest on the Drafbaan in the Stadspark in Groningen on Sunday afternoon. Demonstrators will also come to the Museumplein in Amsterdam and an action is planned in Enschede. The activists are against the one and a half meter society as a result of the coronavirus and do not want any obligation to wear mouth masks.

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