Corona measures tightened: quarantine compulsory after contact with infected person | Inland


According to De Jonge, ‘the willingness to comply with the rules seems to be diminishing’. “And that while personal responsibility is so important right now. A large part of the people also take that responsibility and adhere perfectly to all measures and advice, but some people do not deal with this properly, during their holiday, when they return home or if they have run a risk. ”

According to him, this requires additional measures. “The government considers it necessary to use more coercive individual measures for a limited group, and for that reason we will make quarantine more compulsory. Mandatory quarantine is a strong measure but justified. Quarantine stops the virus from spreading, so compliance is crucial. ”


Initially, ‘voluntariness’ remains the starting point for quarantine. “It concerns the possibility to order persons who have had such contact with a potentially infected person to go into quarantine at home. If it turns out that someone is not willing to stay at home voluntarily, the chairman of the security region can issue a decision for forced quarantine on the advice of the GGD. ”

Compliance with the quarantine obligation will be checked. Anyone who does not comply with an imposed enforced quarantine measure commits a criminal offense. “An appropriate sentence will be worked out by the Public Prosecution Service in the near future,” said the CDA minister. “The penalty is ultimately determined by the judge, in the specific case.”

Travelers from risk areas

“Also for travelers coming from a high risk area, it is necessary to have the option to impose a quarantine obligation simply because you come from such an unsafe area,” De Jong writes. “There is currently no legal basis.”

Moreover, the capacity of GGDs is a concern, the minister writes. That is why the Ministry of Defense is helping. “Together with the Minister of Defense, I offered temporary assistance to the GGDs for the organization and expansion of the capacity.” This involves assistance in supporting test streets, including the test street at Schiphol. “This involves both physical cooperation in the test lanes and project support.”


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