Corona leads to more misconduct on the part of airline passengers


The number of passengers who misbehave in an airplane has increased sharply in the first half of this year. According to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), this increase has to do with the measures surrounding the corona virus. There is also more frequent misconduct on flights to and from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

The inspectorate received almost 100 complaints on all flights to and from the Netherlands in July. Eleven of those reports were related to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In itself a small part, but compared to the last three years an outlier and almost doubling the previous ‘top month’.

According to the inspection, sixty percent of the reports relate to passengers who do not or insufficiently comply with the corona measures, such as the obligation to wear a mouth mask. It concerns seven of the eleven incidents to and from Rotterdam.

Inspector General Jan van den Bos of the ILT asks all parties involved to remain alert and, if possible, to take more preventive measures to prevent annoying behavior by passengers. According to the inspection, misconduct is a risk to flight safety, because it can seriously hinder cabin crew during their work.

‘Worrying development’

“It is a worrying development,” says a spokesperson for the Rotterdam airport. “Safety on board is very important. We also inform passengers in advance and at the airport of the guidelines that apply. We hope that people will follow those rules.”


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