Corona: How many new infections have been identified today?


The Ministry of Health updated this morning (Thursday) yesterday 1683 new infections were registered with the corona virus, and today, at midnight, another 107 were added. The number of active patients is 24,405, of which 347 are in critical condition. The number of respirators is 105. Since the outbreak of the plague in Israel, 565 people have died from it. The number of tests performed yesterday was 24,436, and the percentage of positives was 7.1.

For the first time, the total number of people infected since the beginning of the crisis has crossed the 78,000 mark, and now stands at 78,324 people. The number of recoveries is 53,352.

In the locality sector, the largest number of carriers in relation to the population is in the locality of Qalansawa, with 139 active patients per 10,000 people. After it, is Modi’in Illit with 109, two more than Elad. Bnei Brak dropped below 100 patients per 10,000 residents.


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