Corona Grant, Second Beat of Social Security: When Will the Money Come In?


Social Security announced today (Sunday) that The second pulse of the grants will go into the bank accounts of the citizens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The organization said in a statement that “these days the National Insurance Institute is cross-referencing data and mapping citizens who are entitled to an increased ‘grant for each citizen’. As stated, there has never been a project of this magnitude in Israel. After the law was passed on Wednesday afternoon. An increased grant has been set for them. ”

The National Insurance Institute stated that “there are about 800,000 eligible for increased grants, while next Tuesday the grant will be deposited for about 400,000 (50%) and the next day (Wednesday) the remaining 50% will be deposited together with other eligible basic grants.” It was also reported that the division into two days is taking place because this is a mapping and initial implementation of its kind.

These are mainly general disability benefit recipients, income support or alimony, nursing benefit recipients and senior citizen and survivor benefit recipients who also receive income supplement or disability supplement when in the case of eligible spouses, the increased grant will be paid to only one of them. On Wednesday, the payment of the third pulse will also begin for singles or married people without children who already have the details of their bank accounts in the Social Security, while those who update the Social Security only this week in details, will receive the grant later.

“Those who have received benefits in the past year – are not required to update a bank account,” the organization stressed, adding: “A dedicated center has been established for updating and its number – * 8321
Also a dedicated digital hotline numbered – 02-5393733. As mentioned, the largest age group that Social Security is trying to locate and cross bank accounts are ages 18-21, young people without children who will probably receive the grant only in the third beat because they do not work full-time, do not yet set aside regular Social Security payments. To.

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The first beat was delivered in the morning

The Director General of the National Insurance Institute, Meir Spiegler, said: “The National Insurance Institute continues to work around the clock to deliver the grants to all Israeli citizens within a few days. The” Grant for Every Citizen “law passed on Wednesday afternoon “The bank’s accounts, we have created important developments in accordance with the parameters set forth in the law, and continue to cross-reference data for the transfer of grants and sending updates via text messages to residents.”


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