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Just Eat’s meal suppliers generated nearly half as much revenue in the first half of 2020. Profits doubled. E-commerce is booming due to the corona virus.

2020 is the year of corona and the year of e-commerce. For years people have been buying more and more via the internet, but due to corona even more people are on the web. After numerous online companies such as, Zalando and HelloFresh have published strong growth figures in recent weeks, it will be Just Eat’s turn on Wednesday.

Eat up

The listed company of 42-year-old Dutch entrepreneur Jitse Groen is getting a lot more orders now that the on-trade in various countries was severely restricted and many people prefer to eat restaurant food at home.


Adjusted gross operating profit (EBITDA) grew by 133 percent to 177 million euros.

In the first half of this year, 257 million orders were placed in the apps and on the websites of the company, which is also active in Belgium. That is 32 percent more than a year earlier. This resulted in Just Eat – which is active in more than 20 countries – in turnover of 1 billion euros, an increase of 44 percent.

As a result, the company’s profit also increased. Adjusted gross operating profit (EBITDA) grew by 133 percent to 177 million euros.

The company went net 158 ​​million euros in the red. It is in full transformation. It handled the acquisition of its UK competitor Just Eat. And it only announced that it is acquiring its US competitor Grubhub.

Uber Eats

The spontaneous arrival of customers is evident from the evolution of the marketing budget. That rose by barely 1 percent in the first six months of this year.

The competitors of the Dutch meal supplier are also growing strongly due to corona. A week ago, the American Uber Eats announced that its revenue doubled to $ 1.2 billion in the second quarter. In the three months, the meal service was more important to Uber than its taxi service, which is hit because the taxi market is under severe pressure due to corona.

Garden shops

Like other online stores, Just Eat benefits from the fact that corona imposes many restrictions on public life. People go outside less often because less people are allowed in restaurants and shops. Traveling is also more difficult than it used to be. That is why people do more at home. DIY stores, garden stores and toy retailers have been doing well in recent months. Eating at home is popular in the covid world.

The roots of Just Eat go back to 2000, when Groen started a website with 50 euros on which people could order restaurant food. He said he launched the site after failing to order Chinese at a birthday party via the internet.


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