Corona – Daily Update: 1,612 people have been diagnosed with the virus daily


Yesterday, the corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, visited Jerusalem and held a discussion with the municipality regarding the morbidity data in the capital. Gamzo referred to the high morbidity figures in Jerusalem, and said that anywhere else in the world such a city would be under full closure. “The family cells in Jerusalem in the ultra-Orthodox society and in the Arab society are challenging and make it difficult to manage the fight against the virus,” he said during a work tour of the capital.

“Every other city in the world was fully locked, people did not leave the house, do not go to work, there is no traffic within the city. Of course with support. This was the only answer anywhere in the world and what you do here is unprecedented in the world.” However, Gamzo objected and said that “I do not think solutions in such systems is a closure. I talk to hospitals and health funds. Therefore never resilience, and continued morbidity can lead to insufficiency and then we will have to do things and the economic rift is big.”

Mayor Leon responded to Gimzo, saying the high percentages come from East Jerusalem. “In the first wave, it did not reach a third of the residents of East Jerusalem at all. We sat with them and thought – maybe they are wrong, and still there are. But now, unfortunately, over 50% are from East Jerusalem.”


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