Corona app is being tested in Drenthe


Schiphol will have a test street, where travelers can have themselves tested voluntarily. After Schiphol, other airports will also have a test street. It is not yet clear whether Groningen Airport Eelde will also have a test street. In addition, travelers from risk countries must be quarantined for two weeks and have themselves tested in case of complaints. The GGD will check whether people adhere to this.


Two new measures for the hospitality industry were also announced. It is mandatory for visitors to leave the name and contact details when visiting the catering. In case of contamination, companies close for two weeks. This also applies to museums and amusement parks if multiple infections have occurred there.

Earlier it leaked that introduction weeks of universities and colleges can continue, but in an adapted form, namely as much as possible online. Hazing is prohibited.


“The virus is undergoing a dangerous advance, the figures are clear,” said Prime Minister Rutte. He warned that the Netherlands was in danger of losing the profits that had been made. “That’s because people don’t follow applicable rules of conduct.” He again emphasized the importance of doing so.

The prime minister called on people who have not followed the rules to stay away from people belonging to vulnerable groups. He specifically addressed young people. “Don’t get close to people of frail health. You shouldn’t take that risk. If many of you ignore the rules, we’ll all be back soon.”

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