Controller PlayStation 4 does not work for PlayStation 5 games


Turku, Finland – March 07, 2018: PlayStation 4 (PS4) with a DualShock controller. The PS4 is a video gaming console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony Playstation 4 Gaming Console With Controller. White PS4 on pink background.
If you want an extra controller for playing PlayStation 5 games, you will have to buy an extra controller.

At the Future of Gaming digital event in June, Sony finally officially unveiled the PlayStation 5, as well as announcing a range of accessories for its latest consoles. But after that event, gamers were left with questions about whether their accessories they bought for the PlayStation would still be functional if they bought a PlayStation 5. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the controller DualShock 4 can still be used.

Some of the hottest questions are answered by Sony via a short FAQ in a blog post. It also addresses the issue of the controller. The PlayStation 5 will have built-in backwards compatibility, which we have seen in previous editions of PlayStation. This means that you can play your PlayStation 4 games via the PlayStation 5. For those games, you can also simply connect your PlayStation 4 controller if you are more familiar with it.

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However, Sony tells a different story when it comes to PlayStation 5 games. Because for games developed for the latest generation, you will no longer be able to use your old controller. Sony’s explanation for this is that games for the PlayStation 5 contain new possibilities that the Dual Sense 4 controller cannot take full advantage of. Some of those new features built into the DualSense-controller are improved haptic feedback that makes you feel the surface almost physical. The adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 buttons should also provide a unique gaming experience. Those triggers, for example, will make you feel tightening an arc.

DualSense needs to take gaming to a new level. Image: Sony

A console always comes with one controller as standard, and that will be no different for PlayStation 5. So if you want to own multiple controllers to play with friends, there is no other option than to buy an extra controller. Sony has not yet announced how much those costs (the price of the console is also still a mystery).

Competitor Microsoft already said that the Xbox One controller is compatible with Xbox Series X games. Both consoles will be released this fall.


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