Compliments for Verstappen: ‘immediately showed who is in charge’


Verstappen drove a large part of the British Grand Prix in no man’s land, but especially in the first round the Dutchman had to pull out all the stops to keep Leclerc away and to start the attack on Bottas. Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint are in the program Slipstream very pleased with the driving style of the Dutchman.

The first years of Max Verstappen in Formula 1 sometimes showed the relative inexperience of the young driver, but now the Dutchman has grown into a very complete driver who, according to some, is the best in the field. This season, he made no significant mistakes and the only time he dropped out in Austria was because his car left him. Verstappen tries to get more out of the RB16 than it is, but the Mercedes are simply too supreme.

According to Van de Grint, this was mainly the reason that Verstappen drove a ‘colorless race’. The tire expert states that Mercedes was unbeatable and that Verstappen was of course lucky that Valtteri Bottas’ tires broke down. Yet it was not just pure luck. “It was also because he kept that pressure on Mercedes,” continues Van de Grint. “After the start, the first lap showed Verstappen who is in charge and how to drive.”

Kalff responds to this and makes the comparison with Albon. “Catching up and defending, it seems like it can no longer be done nowadays. Max his teammate is doing something that is very optimistic. He actually decides too late that it is no longer possible. Then it gets even worse, because in Formula 2 and 3 she doesn’t anymore either! What I love about Max is that he just stays on the outside of Leclerc. “


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