Cocaine and other drugs were found in the body of a well-known businessman


An 11-month-old baby, the son of an entrepreneur and businessman in his 40s, who is very familiar with Tel Aviv’s nightlife, was brought to Dana Hospital in Tel Aviv on Friday, and after a series of tests, cocaine and other drugs were suspected.

The baby was brought to the hospital by his parents after discovering signs of weakness and apathy. Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the case.

In July last year, a one-year-old baby was brought from Bat Yam to the Wolfson Hospital in Holon, unconscious. Tests showed drug traces in her blood and her condition was defined as serious.

In a similar case, in November 2018, an eight-month-old toddler was brought to Assaf Harofeh Hospital after a substance suspected of being MDMA (ecstasy) was found in his blood.


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