“Club can be like Juve and Bayern”


On Saturday afternoon, the Jupiler Pro League will start with a top match between Club Brugge and Charleroi. The national champion wants to make a good start right away, after all, the goal is to succeed in itself as title holder. Despite the defeat in the cup final, Blauw-Zwart continues to be labeled as a top favorite.

After all, the Bruggelingen managed to keep their champion selection intact so far, and there will undoubtedly be further reinforcement. In addition, success coach Philippe Clement simply remained in his post and the framework is perfect in all facets. Finally, Club is also miles ahead of the competition financially. Blue-Black could therefore just go for a dominance of several seasons.

Something that analyst Philippe Albert is also afraid of. He doubts whether this would benefit the competition. “We have rarely seen such differences in budgets. It is also a fact that Bruges has worked excellently in the past 7 to 8 years. I do hope that the gap will narrow in the coming years. Otherwise Club will have supremacy over it. our championship. And if you see what is happening in Germany with Bayern (8 times in a row champion) and in Italy with Juventus (9 times in a row), that is not good for our football “, it sounded. RTBF.

POLL: Club will dominate Belgian football for years to come …


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