Club Brugge suddenly has 5,000 ‘fans’ less, Anderlecht 28,000 more


On Wednesday, RSC Anderlecht announced the arrival of Percy Tau as a new player. As expected, many South Africans follow him. This is clearly reflected on social media.

When the news of Tau first appeared in the media, at we checked the number of followers of Club Brugge and Anderlecht on Facebook and Twitter. Back then Blauw-Zwart had 382,665 accounts that liked Club Brugge’s Facebook page. After Anderlecht rented Tau, the number stands at 379,299. On Twitter, Club Brugge went from 192,000 followers to 190,000 followers.

Anderlecht meanwhile welcomed the South Africans. Before Tau, Purple & White on Facebook had 982,057 accounts who liked Anderlecht’s page. Now the number stands at 994,405. On Twitter, Anderlecht went from 172,000 followers to 188,300 followers.

Last season, when Club Brugge rented Tau from Brighton, the South Africans started to follow the social media of Blauw-Zwart en masse. They regularly hijacked the channels of Club Brugge with their response. Now there are a lot of calls round to pass Club Brugge and go full for Anderlecht.


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