‘Clowns who disregard health regulations are bloodshed’


a a A The Gaon Rabbi Avraham Yosef, the Mira Datra Dahulon, in a scathing attack against those who disregard the directives of the Ministry of Health due to the spread of the corona virus and defined their curiosity as mindless and bloodthirsty.

During his weekly hair in Bnei Brak, the Ga’a Yosef expressed himself: “And you are very guarded, like the foolish clowns who despise and do whatever they please, they are like bloodshed, their sin will be borne.”

“About two weeks ago,” said Rabbi Yosef, “there was a woman teacher who brought her to the kindergarten a sick child and she died poor, if the parents knew that they were a murderer. They should ask for atonement for what they shed blood.

He said: “Anyone who belittles – has no opinion. I say explicitly – has no opinion. Do not look at the beard or what is in it, nothing determines.”

“These are the directives of the Ministry of Health because we care about human beings, in no way underestimate,” stressed Rabbi Avraham Yosef.

In another lesson he gave, Rabbi Yosef stated: “Synagogues that do not keep the guidelines, the people there are called criminals. A person should be despised, even if he is very respectable, if he does not keep the rules of distance. “


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