Clement about difficult summer mercato from Club Brugge: “There are always three of you”


Philippe Clement realizes that Club Brugge needs a few more reinforcements to be ready this season. In these corona times, it is really not easy to get everything done quickly or at the right time. That’s how Club Brugge’s T1 tells in Het Nieuwsblad.

“You always have three parties to negotiate. You can want things, you can set a certain budget, but then the club you negotiate with has to agree with your budget and it has to agree on the timing at which it lets a player go. Because many leagues are not in sync with ours, that is sometimes a problem. And now that those competitions are over, those players or club leaders want to go on holiday first, “said Clement.

Still, Clement isn’t concerned yet. He therefore has confidence in the board of Club Brugge. “As a coach I have to deal with the present. I know the board is working on it, I know what the plans are. We discussed them together and I have no doubt that the people within the club are working hard on that. “


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