City council not involved in mouth mask obligation: ‘concerns about local security’


Christian Union party chairman Don Ceder hopes that the city council will have more say in the future about the corona measures. He was only told yesterday that face masks are mandatory in a number of busy places.

This is because the decision was taken by the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region, a partnership between Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. Mayor Femke Halsema is the chairman of the Security Region.

“We heard it through a press release, without being able to find anything about it,” Ceder told EenVandaag. “I’m concerned about the local security.”

He points to the new corona law, which must provide a legal basis for the corona rules. ‘If we are dealing with the temporary corona law in the coming years, there must be local safeguards for control. For example, what is or is not desirable in our city? I hope that this discussion will be conducted. ”

Former SP city councilor Nicole Temmink also reacts critically. “I’ll say it again: those Security Regions are democratic critters.”


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