China calls US sanctions against Hong Kong leaders “harsh …


The VVS decided to impose sanctions on Carrie Lam, the Hong Kong government leader, for undermining the autonomy of the city-state.

The Chinese government representation in Hong Kong has called the sanctions imposed by the US on Head of Government Carrie Lam and ten other top city-state officials “barbaric and grotesque”.

“The bad intentions of US politicians to support anti-Chinese persons and sow chaos in Hong Kong are being revealed,” said a press release.

The United States decided Friday to impose sanctions on Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s head of government, and ten other top officials, for undermining the city-state’s autonomy. The sanctions are in response to the introduction of a controversial Chinese security law into Hong Kong, allowing Beijing to operate its own security forces there.

The sanctions put further pressure on the relationship between China and America. Beijing and Washington have long been engaged in a trade war, which has recently spread to a battle for technology companies.


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