Child abuse: Suspicion of father harming his infant daughter


Suspicion of domestic abuse: About a week and a half after the arrest of a couple of parents from Ashkelon on suspicion of abusing their three-month-old toddler and after a prosecutor’s statement was filed in their case, suspicion of another abuse case was revealed in Ashkelon.

Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court Judge Anat Hulta today (Monday) extended the father’s detention by three days and ruled: ” Previously very close with a similar character towards the same minor – all of these raise concerns about the existence of danger in this case, but at the present stage the main reason for detention is the fear of disrupting the investigation in particular regarding the number of actions in the action report.

On Tuesday, the father was arrested on suspicion of abusing his daughter after a report was received from Barzilai Hospital that the results of the tests the toddler underwent raised suspicion of abuse. The findings of the investigation reveal that the father was the one who brought his daughter to the hospital with injuries to her head, and recent photos revealed that a fracture was caused in the toddler’s skull. Following the incident, the father was arrested for questioning, during which he claimed that his daughter slipped from his hands while he was showering her. It also emerged that two months earlier the same toddler had fallen out of his hands while he said he had fallen down the stairs and the proximity of the events strengthened the suspicion that justified a police investigation and the arrest of the suspect.

As mentioned, in recent times many cases of parental abuse of children have been reported. Last February, a couple of parents from the lowlands were arrested on suspicion of beating their children with a belt frequently as an ‘educational act’. About a month later, an abuse case was uncovered by a couple of parents from the Sharon area, who have four children, who were arrested on suspicion of violence against a pair of nine-month-old twins.

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