Child (6) drowned in Mechelen recreation area De Nekker


A six year old child drowned this afternoon in recreation area De Nekker. That happened in the small pond. The qualification has been provisionally adjusted to accidental manslaughter, the prosecution says.

Bystanders saw the child at the bottom of the small pond and took it out of the water. Rescuers immediately started the resuscitation and a mosquito team also arrived. The victim was then taken to hospital, where he died. For the time being it is unclear how long the victim was under water before it was noticed.

The victim was part of a group of young people from Brussels who, together with supervisors, had booked a day at De Nekker. The police will now question bystanders and witnesses. For the time being it is unclear what exactly happened. That is part of the further investigation ‘, responded Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office.

The public prosecutor and the investigating judge in Mechelen have left De Nekker in order to gain an idea of ​​what exactly happened and to be able to carry out any further investigative actions. After that departure, the classification of culpable negligence was provisionally adjusted to unintentional manslaughter.

The provincial government reacts with astonishment. ‘I am very moved by this event. Nobody wants to experience losing a child. My heart is with the family ‘, responds Jan De Haes, authorized commissioner. He confirms that there were four rescuers and an overseer on site.

De Nekker, which works with a reservation system due to the corona crisis, was fully booked on Wednesday. Currently, a thousand visitors are admitted. Normally, the domain has a capacity for four thousand people.


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