Chief of Staff: The operation on the Syrian border was carried out on an Iranian mission


The incident on the Syrian border took place on the night between Sunday and Monday, when an IDF force identified a squad of terrorists who had planted explosive devices near the border line in the Golan Heights. The force identified the squad, which numbered four terrorists, and fired at it.

An IDF spokesman, Hedi Zilberman, explained after the incident that the force was on the scene after receiving a warning about an attempt to carry out an attack in the area. “The force that ambushed the site for several days fired missiles, small arms and machine guns combined with airstrikes,” he said. “They were completely in Israeli territory, even though the fence was west of them,” he added.

Yesterday, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi decided to preserve the IDF’s operational deployment on the northern border. This, at the end of an assessment of the current situation on the subject. Kochavi’s decision comes after a series of security incidents between the IDF and Hezbollah on the Lebanese border and the incident in question on the Syrian border, and two days after the explosion in the port of Beirut that killed more than a hundred people, injured thousands and exacerbated the crisis.


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