Check Point will partner with a company specializing in industrial IoT


Claroty and Check Point will cooperate in the field of industrial control network security. Check Point states that the purpose of the collaboration is to provide industry companies with security and visibility into the operational technology network in real time, to prevent cyber attacks

Claroty (Claroty), the industrial cyber security company from the Team8 Group, which specializes in Operational Technology Security (OT), today announced a partnership with Check Point, a leading global provider of cyber security solutions. The companies’ alliance provides organizations and operators with critical infrastructure, security and real-time visibility needed to protect OT networks and industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber attacks.
Check Point recently launched the Internet of Things (IoT) Protect solution, which prevents IoT cyber attacks by adapting protections to any IoT or OT device in smart office, smart building, medical and industrial environments. As a technology partner of Check Point, Clarotti supports the discovery and classification of OT devices in a variety of industries, thus providing Check Point customers with an end-to-end integrated security solution.

“We are pleased to include Clarotti in Check Point’s IoT Protect Discovery program,” said Russ Sheffer, Product Manager at Check Point. “The combination of Clarotti’s continuous detection (CTD) solution and Check Point’s IoT Protect Threat Prevention solution provides industrial customers with the visibility, security and automation needed to protect networks from IoT threats.”

Emanuel Salmona, VP of Global Partnerships at Clarotti, said that “Check Point is one of the most established firewall providers, with significant positioning and market share, so this partnership opens an important channel for us and we are excited about the opportunity to expand our technology offering with them.”

The partnership is built on the integration of Clarotti’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) and Check Point’s IoT Protect solution. The security alerts of the Clarotti platform are sent to Check Point’s IoT Protect Controller Manager, which determines the security policy enforced through Check Point’s Quantum Security Gateways. A consolidated security report allows organizations to see any threat to an application, process or network, and provides full visibility of the organization and control networks.

Clarotti improves the availability, safety and reliability of OT assets and OT networks in industrial plants and critical infrastructure. Unlike niche solutions – limited to passive OT detection only, VPN-based remote access, or IoT platforms that do not fully meet all OT needs – Clarotti’s platform provides comprehensive OT visibility, segmentation, vulnerability management, threat detection, risk assessment and access security capabilities Remote (SRA – Secure Remote Access) and all this as part of one solution, without an agent. This solution is supported by Clarotti’s OT Security Research Team and its wide range of integration.


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