Chatbots and VR glasses: IDF adjustments for the new generation of recruits


Another stage, which was recently put out to tender and at the request of the head of the ACA, will start operating from March next year, is a first order using virtual reality goggles. Youth in one focus and save the rejections and logistics. The virtual reality combination is expected to take at least an hour off the time required to perform the preliminary recruitment phase.

It was also decided that a chat app that would include targeted answers to questions via a bot would replace the answer at the call center and on the Meitav website, which tends to be cumbersome and subject to constant criticism from the recruits and their parents. “Our goal is to speak the language of the youth. To adapt ourselves to what they are used to from home,” the officer from the IDF explained. After finding the solutions, the IDF only had to speed up the processes and assimilate them quickly. Compared to the big companies, the IDF lags behind in the areas of service and personnel placement, while in other areas such as cyber, flight simulators and command and control systems on land it is defined as a breakthrough.

Considering the corona effect on routine, which may in the coming year lead to postponement of formations and sorting, cancellation of trainings, disruptions in public transportation and difficulty in concentrating large numbers of civilians in various centers, it can be estimated that it will be a complex year in the IDF. And the Personnel Division will be required to continue to locate the weak points, assimilate rapid changes and strengthen turning points.Otherwise, the gaps will widen.


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