Charge: A man attacked and injured another in the background of a conflict at a rehabilitation institution in the Sharon area


The prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against a 62-year-old man for stabbing a man in a rehabilitation institution in the Sharon area. The incident happened last week, and the investigation shows that two patients at the institution cursed each other. Following the conflict, the suspect went to his room, took a 20 cm long knife and returned to the complainant who was sitting in the hospital yard, holding a knife and a stone in his hands and stabbing the complainant in the back. Even when the complainant tried to evade the suspect, the suspect continued to cut the complainant with a knife and caused him multiple cuts to his upper body, back, hand, face and ear. As a result of the assault, the complainant who was hospitalized suffered burns to his back, kidney tears and cuts to his upper body.

The suspect was arrested and brought in for questioning at the police station. The suspect’s detention was extended from time to time in the Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva, and this morning the State Attorney’s Office intends to file an indictment against him for aggravated sabotage. Together with the indictment, the prosecution intends to file a request for detention against the suspect until the end of the legal proceedings against him.


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