Chaos at Ostend station: thousands of tourists on each …


Images are being spread on social media showing thousands of stranded day-trippers in Ostend. A stationary train did not allow everyone to leave home immediately, which caused a lot of waiting travelers in and around the station.

The police had to intervene and at one point stopped train traffic completely.

“We are still investigating the exact cause, but there was probably a signaling problem. That is why a train stopped at Ostend station just before 7 pm. Because only one of the two tracks could be used, many travelers were waiting in and at the station and that caused some problems, “says Dimitri Temmerman, spokesman for the NMBS.

According to Mayor Bart Tommelein (Open VLD), there were ‘several thousand’ travelers in and at the station. At some point, the situation escalated when stranded travelers tried to open a gate. The police then decided to intervene and shut down all train traffic.

Trains have started departing from the station again since 9:30. “We are now leaving one train after another so that we can spread the passengers well, which is of course important in the current context,” says Temmerman.


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