Channels 12 and 13 continue to serve as a propaganda arm for left-wing demonstrations


The Likud party said recently (Saturday): “Channels 12 and 13 continue to be a propaganda arm for the anarchist left-wing demonstrations. They are making a desperate effort to brainwash the public, in order to overthrow a strong right-wing prime minister. They are giving free and endless advertising from several broadcast centers in experience Fuel the demonstrations of the left and in a transparent attempt to inflate their importance and weight, however, they ignore the violent nature of the demonstrations and the shouts in them to assassinate the prime minister and his family. North Korean television can learn from them, but the public does not buy it. Prime Minister Netanyahu will continue to work “Around the clock, to fight Corona and strengthen Israel’s economy. The prime minister calls on everyone to unite in this effort and ignore the media’s dangerous incitement campaign.”


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