Changes to Antwerp measures on the way: Governor Cat … (Antwerp)



Governor Cathy Berx is giving a press conference at the Provincial House in Antwerp on Wednesday at noon. One or more of the additional corona measures that came into effect last Wednesday in the province of Antwerp are being adjusted. That confirms the cabinet of provincial governor.

The police regulation will therefore be amended, although it is not yet clear in which areas the measures in the province of Antwerp will change. An adjustment of the curfew, between 11.30 pm and 6 am, is not immediately expected. According to our information, we may be working on the mandatory closure for fitness centers in Antwerp and the surrounding area.

Furthermore, it is also a question of whether there will be more clarity about the specific situation of (Antwerp) professional football. In theory, the opening weekend of the Jupiler Pro League is scheduled for this weekend, but the Antwerp clubs do not yet know whether they can play (in-house). Yesterday, Celeval expert group sat together, because they have to give advice.

At the press conference, Berx will also provide an overview of the epidemiological situation in Antwerp and an evaluation of the concrete application and enforcement of the police regulation. Follow that press conference live here at 12 noon!

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