Champions: The possibilities in the first round draw have been reduced


Maccabi Tel Aviv will soon (18 / 19.8) begin its journey as part of the Champions League qualifiers. The draw for the first qualifying round will be held tomorrow (Sunday) at 13:00 in the Swiss stadium, but already tonight the possible rivalry of the Israeli champion has been reduced.

Maccabi will be ranked in the first round draw. In a reduction made by UEFA The 4 possible rivals were determined:

Dynamo Brest (Belarus)
FC Riga (Latvia)
KP Tirana (Albania)
Silks (Macedonia)

Remember, the change this season is that the Champions League qualifiers as well as the Europa League will be played in a one-match format (instead of home and away), except for the Champions League qualifier playoffs which will be decided in two meetings. The identity of the host team at all stages (except the Champions League playoffs) will be determined as stated through a lottery.

The Israeli champion will start her way in the first qualifying round, in the qualifying track of the various league champions, and in order to reach the home stage of the prestigious factory on the continent, she will have to go through a total of 4 stages and 5 games (2 in the playoffs).

The dates

First qualifying round: 18/19.8

Second qualifying round: 25/26.8

Third qualifying round: 15/16.9

Playoff Stage: 22 / 23.9 and 29 / 30.9


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