Champions, Corona Version: UEFA Regulations


Champions League. Come back, but a little different (Getty Images) | Photo: Sports 5

The decisive stages of the Champions League and the European League may start in a moment, but the UEFA is already working on the next season: Tonight (Tuesday), the senior European organization announced the new regulations for the early stages, which also appear to be in the shadow of the Corona virus.

The new regulations document, by the way, was distributed to Israeli groups even before it was revealed – and these are its main points: The UEFA announced that before each lottery, a list of restrictions will be published in each country that will take part in the lottery (entry and exit between countries The host updated up to 48 hours before the game.

If a host country (according to the lottery) can not host in its own country due to travel restrictions, or alternatively the host country will not be able to arrive due to travel restrictions, then the host country should set another destination for accommodation in Europe.

The lottery for Israeliness in Europe, by the way, will take place next week – August 9 – and this means that already on Friday the groups will have to transfer to the UEFA the status of the guidelines in the State of Israel.

Regarding the infection of players, the UEFA wrote, if one or more players are diagnosed with corona blue in tests performed before each game, the existence of the game will not be harmed unless the authorities in the host country decide to isolate all, or most, players. The protocol, if 13 players can register for the game (including at least one goalkeeper) the game will take place as planned. In case one of the referees is found to be a carrier of the virus, UEFA can appoint a replacement who holds citizenship of one of the countries from which the teams came, if not registered. A.


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