Cellcom and Golan are losing about 10,000 customers, for the second month in a row


Following the merger of Cellcom and Golan Telecom approved last month by the Competition Authority, and just before its approval by the Minister of Communications, the two companies lost about 9,210 net customers in July, after losing a similar number last month. we4G, the cellular company of Expon 018, continues to lead the mobile table and ended July with a positive recruitment of about 8,520 net customers – recruitments to offset abandonment, not including new customers. Followed by Partner, which finishes with a positive recruitment of about 3,300 net customers; And Rami Levy with a positive recruitment of about 490 net customers.

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After that, the other companies ended the month with negative acquisitions: 019 Telzer Mobile with a loss of about 370 net customers; HOT Mobile with a loss of about 590 net customers; Pelephone with a loss of about 2,710 net customers; And Golan Telecom with a loss of about 3,630 net customers. At the bottom of the table is Cellcom, which is losing about 5,580 net customers.

Cellcom and Golan Telecom Photo: Haim Hornstein, Shin Cohen

Of the four largest companies, Partner has the lowest monthly abandonment rate in mobile, which is about 1.4% of its position, while HOT Mobile has the highest abandonment rate, which is about 3% of its position. During July, about 195,000 subscribers moved, after in June about 200,000 subscribers, in May about 175,000 subscribers and in April only about 95,000 subscribers – in light of the corona crisis that led to the closure of shopping centers and malls, in parallel with the ban by the Ministry of Communications On active marketing.

 Cellular mobile table for July Cellular mobile table for July

In the first seven months of 2020, we4G leads with a positive recruitment of about 46,010 net customers and Cellcom at the bottom with a loss of about 21,450 net customers. Before Cellcom is Golan, which is losing about 20,480 net customers, and together they are losing about 42,000 net customers. A total of about 160,000 customers have moved between the companies since the beginning of the year.


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