CBS: How many foreign workers entered legally and how many infiltrated Israel?


At the end of 2019, there were about 167,000 workers from abroad in Israel, but only about 118,000 of them entered the country with work visas, while about 48,000 entered with a tourist visa, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, which published data on foreign workers today (Sunday). In Israel.

The CBS claims that the number of workers from abroad last year increased by about 3,000 compared to 2018, while the number of infiltrators decreased by about 3,000 (31,000 compared to 34,000 in 2018).

The data also show that last year 68.4 thousand workers from abroad (foreign citizens) entered Israel with a work visa, compared to 65.8 thousand in 2018. About 93% of those who enter a work visa leave the country within five years.

During 2019, 61.5 thousand workers from Israel who entered work visas left Israel, compared to 57.4 thousand in 2018. About 67% of those who entered work visas last year came from Asian countries and about 30% from European countries.

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The main citizenship countries of the workers entering the country last year were the CIS countries – 23%, the Philippines – 14%, Thailand – 13%, India – 13%, China – 9% and Sri Lanka – 3%.

The segmentation of infiltrators staying in Israel shows that most of them are from Eritrea – 71%, while the rate of infiltrators from Sudan was about 20%.

The CBS data also show that the proportion of men out of the total number of those entering Israel in the years 2019-2003, who entered a work visa and who have not yet registered to leave the country last year, was about 51%.

The segmentation shows that the proportion of men entering from Turkey, China and Thailand was particularly high (100%, 99% and 96%, respectively). Most of the workers from these countries are employed in the construction and agriculture industries.

In contrast, the share of women in total entry from Nepal and the Philippines was particularly high – 82% and 84% respectively and most were employed in nursing.

The data also show that about 77% of the population of foreign workers who entered Israel came from the CIS countries.


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