Cathy Berx regrets weekend full of party noise: “I ask for … (Antwerp)


Cathy Berx — © Dieter Telemans

There was something to celebrate last weekend in Antwerp. Antwerp won the Cup, Beerschot acquired the title in 1B and Muslims celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice. Antwerp’s governor Cathy Berx did not like the party buzz that accompanied this. “I deeply regret that and strongly condemn it,” she said in a response Monday.

Most Antwerp football fans and the majority of the people from the Muslim community neatly observed the imposed corona distance rules last weekend, but here and there images of revelers who did not take such rules seriously. “I deeply regret that and strongly condemn it,” said Governor Berx sternly in a statement.

She is also not tender for the partying footballers of Antwerp and Beerschot. “The irresponsible behavior of various football players on and around the field was unfortunately a missed opportunity to set a clear example for all supporters, for all our residents. If we want to return to the ‘normal situation’ as quickly as possible, it now requires equal efforts from everyone, without distinction, ”says Berx, who acknowledges that it is not pleasant and evident to have such big club moments in a restrained and limited way. to celebrate.

Sacrifice feast

The latter also applied to the Muslim community, which had to organize one of its annual highlights, the Feast of Sacrifice, in a limited and modest version. Cathy Berx would like to thank the many owners of butchers, volunteers, mosques and everyone else who contributed to the good preparation for the party to take place in a responsible manner.

But to those who have traveled to a home country outside the European Union where a travel ban applies in recent days, Berx expressly calls for the strict implementation and respect of mandatory home quarantine.

“I repeat: If we now drastically reorganize social life for the shortest possible period of four weeks and stick to it all together, we are most likely to drastically reduce the number of infections and achieve the desired microsurgical approach becomes possible, “says the Antwerp governor.


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